Sunday 23rd April 2017,

Zombie Apocalypse or Hot Single?

Zombie Apocalypse or Hot Single?

The music industry is resurrecting the dead once again and it’s a familiar voice with the King of Pop. The song almost comes straight out of a an episode of Soul Train. That was my initial thought the first time hearing ‘Love Never Felt so Good.’ There’s no question why they chose Justin Timberlake to accompany this track. He oozes soul along with another artists, who may have been a good runner up for a collaboration, Robin Thicke. He would have also been an amazing choice but JT and MJ have history and the union of their vocals on this track is smooth like butter. It’s definitely a mellow tune but something you can listen to anytime, something you can still dance to. Maybe even resurrecting a Soul Train Line or two. Feel good music never felt so good and just in time for warmer temperatures and BBQ season. Check out the video below and tell me what you think.

Is it a Pleasant Surprise or a little Creepy?

This wouldn’t be the first time an artists mixed a popular track with a deceased singer. Drake did the same thing with an Aaliyah track sometime ago. Beautifully done but still haunting.

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