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Tween Dream

Tween Dream

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I remember years ago, probably something from Scholastics, I had a book with love spells and potions. Things were so simple then. No one was worried about STD’s or babies or our career aspirations. You said you wanted to be a Doctor…or you said you wanted to be a Lawyer or a Marine Biologist or a Mad Scientist and it wasn’t complicated. It was just what you wanted to be. It sounded so easy, you could just name a profession and choose it.

Fast forward to High School. Junior year. All those Colleges and Univeristies, a bunch of majors and prerequisites and classes. Core classes, language, and intensive writing courses. And then you decide maybe being a Doctor is too hard. Maybe becoming a Lawyer could be expensive. Student loans, essays, exams, and application so you can sell yourself for a spot in a seat in a classroom of dream chasers, geniuses and failures.

Maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself. As a Junior the dream was still alive. As a child it was a bud as a teen it was a blossom. Cold hard facts. Graduation rates, female to male ratio of the student body, clubs, sororities and fraternities, bus trips and overnight stays so you could meet the dean. School spirit!Rah Rah!



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