Sunday 23rd April 2017,

The New Manicure!

The New Manicure!

Gel Manicure

The Gel Mani is fairly new to the nail world. It takes the use of UV lights to harden and create a long lasting look. It also incorporates a special clear polish that is applied first and in between coats. I had my first gel mani at the Nail Boutique in Brooklyn. I felt pampered and picked a deep blue color with specks of glitter. It kinda reminds me of outer space. Thats my mani there…excuse the mess in the background. It was a long day.




Caviar Manicure

I tried this one out myself. I love the added affect of the beading. I did all my nails but I think this is cute on one nail per hand or even applied in a design. The Ciate brand has also been a leading seller and coined the Caviar nail term. They sell it at Sephora’s nationwide.




Ciaté Ciaté Caviar Manicure™ Rainbow

Velvet Manicure

The velvet manicure is also another new comer. It looks like a soft furry polish. Honesty I’m not sure how long this manicure lasts before you start shedding. Guess I’ll have to try it and see. I heard rave reviews about the Ciate brand but there are other inexpensive alternates if you decide to do it yourself




Matte Manicure

I always liked that added shine on my nails but after seeing the matte manicure definitely think this is a much try manicure. Its edgy, gorgeous in black and super sexy.






Pointed Vamp Manicure

I’m not a huge fan of the vamp nails for myself since I wear my natural nails but a lot of celebs are rocking this look. Rihanna pulls the look off and looks fab as always. More than a fashion statement…it’s a weapon. LOL  Men better watch out. This brings a whole new meaning to Claw your eyes out!!  Keep ya shades on bruh!



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