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Retail Therapy : Vacation Edition

Retail Therapy : Vacation Edition

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Like every woman, you think you have everything and then realize you need last minute things for vaca.Over this past weekend in NY the temperatures spiked to over 80 degrees! Which proves the old time myth that Spring is officially the shortest season. Or at least it feels that way. Spring is normally rainy, sometimes a bit chilly and then Bam! It’s summer. No preparation. No warning. Now I’m left to officially pack all my winter frocks in bags and dump em in the basement til’ it’s cold again.

So, I’m going on vacation soon. My first destination wedding in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and I’m super excited.  So heres my Jamaica Edition of Retail therapy. For those who are going elsewhere this can just be a Retail Therapy refresher course. I decided to do all my last minute shopping online. What I really needed? Jelly Sandals! Remember those little babies? We wore them as kids. Sandals made from plastic and they looked like…well Jelly! Sometimes flip flops don’t cut it plus I heard they aren’t that great for your feet or posture or something. They’re really flat and don’t always properly support your natural arch, if you have one. But like most of you, I can’t miss that Old Navy Sale when the flip flops are like $1. You can’t beat that shit. Anywho, below is my, Inc. haul.

Pick #1 : Jelly Sandals

Fits To A T-Strap



Fits To A T-Strap Jelly Sandals – $10.80
from:, Inc.

This little number comes in one color, Smoke. It’s a simple transparent black which means you can wear it casually with practically anything.

I’m So Jelly Glitter T-Strap Sandals


I’m So Jelly Glitter T-Strap Sandals – $10.40
from:, Inc.

Both sandals are conveniently priced under $11 bucks each. I’ve worn sandals like this before. They last super long and are comfortable because the material contours to your feet. It’s perfect for the beach and you can get them wet and they’re really easy to clean. I highly recommend a pair of your choosing for your next beach outing or wet n wild fete.

Pick # 2 : Faux Leather

Weave It To Us T-Strap Sandals


Weave It To Us T-Strap Sandals – $22.00
from:, Inc.

This is another must have. A simple Faux leather sandal. It’s funky and can add a little pop of color to a pair of denim shorts and a crop top. It would also work well with a Maxi dress. If color isn’t your thing opt for this sandal in Black.


 Pick # 3 : Sunglasses!

Round Reflective Sunglasses

It’s a fashion statement! It looks cool but more importantly it Protects your eyes from the harsh glare of the sun and UV rays. Some of you probably own countless pairs but you don’t need to scrimmage in designer stores or wait in long sample sale lines to get a really nifty pair. These bad boys are Under $7.00. They come in 6 styles. The lens as well as the frames are in varied colors so you’ll find something to suit your needs. And honestly you can’t beat the price!

Round Reflective Sunglasses – $6.80
from:, Inc.



Pick # 4 : Floppy Sunhat

Perforated Floppy Brim Sunhat

flophat2 flophat


Perforated Floppy Brim Sunhat – $7.50
from:, Inc.

So now that we’ve established protecting our eyes, let’s keep the sun off of our face. Unless you’re looking for a summer glow, a full on tan or to bake in the sun, this floppy hat can keep you looking stylish on the beach or poolside. I don’t like my face to tan too much plus I truly believe that the sun ages the skin. So besides sun glasses and a good application of sunscreen we have the Floppy Hat. Perfect for vacationing and very lightweight. Guess how much I paid!


This woven masterpiece only cost me $7.50! Crazy, I know. It comes in 4 colors but I really like the natural brown. I think it’ll go perfect with my printed bathing suits on the beach. The site also mentions an elastic band for a snug fit. Those days of chasing your hat down the sandy beach are long gone. Sit back, relax and read a book. That hat’s staying put!


Pick #5 : Swimwear

ASOS Cross Front Wrap Halter Swimsuit

asosswimsuit1 asosswimsuit


Though all the other items mentioned can be found on This pastel piece is a sexy swimsuit that can be purchased on ASOS. So what’s so great about this? It’s just one piece! You don’t have to rummage and turn your summer bin upside down to find the bottom half of your bikini. Secondly, the color is amazing and will look great on varied skin tones. And third you can be secure wearing this without worrying about your top coming off. It’s very trendy and while other separates can cost you an arm and a leg this is only $53.35 in Nirvana Blue. So, show off your bum, pair it with some sandals and don’t forget your beach bag!


Pick #6 : Skater Skirt

Let’s Play Flare Skater Skirt

skaterskirt1 skaterskirt2


Let’s Play Flare Skater Skirt – $14.90
from:, Inc.

Behold! The skater skirt. Why I love these skirts. They don’t ride up. They’re flirty, lightweight and they come in all colors, lengths and varied styles. Form fitting skirts can sometimes be my worst enemy. I’m so focused on pulling the skirt down that I’m not always able to enjoy the outfit or wear it with confidence the way I would like to. I love showing off my legs and never run from a mini skirt but the skater style is my current crush. This skirt is under $15 bucks. Practically a steal.

Pick #7 : Heels

To The Top Metallic Ladder Heels


ladderheel ladderheel2

To The Top Metallic Ladder Heels – $27.70
from:, Inc.

Ladies. Lets get real here. I see the struggle out there. When we’re not climbing the corporate ladder, we’re climbing stairs or trekking it up a steep hill. On weekends we have to deal with uneven side walks, cobble stones, cracks and subway grates. The art of wearing and dancing in heels should be an Olympic sport by now. HA! Some of us have mastered it. Celebrities seem to wear nothing but it. What is IT? The Heel!

So on vacation besides being poolside and seaside you might wanna venture out a bit. Maybe hit a club off the beaten path or dance the night away at a hotel party. Either way you need a sexy pair of shoes you can dance in without crying to mama. I think I’ve found em. For one, the heel is chunky which means it more stable. I wish it had a bit of a platform but the thick heels compensates for the lack of one. I am a little scared. Only because I walk heavy and for some reason tend to walk on my toes or the balls of my feet rather than the heel. But I love love love the ankle embellishment and feel that shoes that hug the angle and have a zip in the back are Always way more snug and comfortable. You ladies know what I’m talking about. Sometimes you buy a pair of shoes and your foot’s doing the flop in the back because it’s a little big. It’s not cute and it isn’t comfortable. But some shoes are made kind of weird. The size under is too small so you go up a half size and it can sometimes be a little loose. It’s a hard call to make in a shoe store because some shoes stretch overtime, like leather. This sexy shoe is under $30 bucks. Only $27.70! It comes in 3 colors. I purchased the Black but it also comes in Tan and White. I’ve never really been one to wear white shoes though. Sometimes it comes off as tacky. But the white pair would probably look cute with some destruction denim, maybe a relaxed tee and a biker jacket. An edgy outfit could really bring this shoe to life. The Tan would look really pretty with warm tones, prints, and floral dresses.

I’m a bargain hunter so don’t forget to google promo codes. Go Jane has had some really nice discounts in the past. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a currently code which sucked. But such is life. ASOS normally has some sort of discount. It might be a certain amount off with a large order but you can always use the power of research and Google. You might get lucky!

Share your thoughts. Do you like these picks? Are you going on a vacation soon? Maybe you need something cute for Memorial Day. Don’t be a stranger. Let me know and comment below.


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