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Food Memories….Buh Bye Hot Pot Spot

Food Memories….Buh Bye Hot Pot Spot

So, I’ve had me share of food experiences. From alligator fritters on the Carnival cruise line to pig snout in the comfort of my own home. But one of my favorite food experiences has been Hot Pot. Some of you won’t like it. The task of going to a restaurant and cooking your own meal might seem like a tedious task, something you could’ve just stayed at home for. But I absolutely love shabu shabu. It’s a similar concept to Korean BBQ. Instead of bbq’ing your meat and veggies your flash cooking some of your items in a yummy broth. I usually choose whatever isn’t spicy. lol


The broth itself is pretty bland so I usually add to it. Usually they’ll be soy sauce, peanut sauce, etc along with diced options like scallions, garlic, etc. I usually add soy sauce, garlic and scallions to my broth before adding the other ingredients. One of my all time favorite places is on Grand Street in Chinatown. Unfortunately, they no longer do hot pot and instead just sell bubble teas and other beverages.


I loved that place so much I went alone half the time. It’s grab a seat, order a Thanksgiving feast of meat and veggie options and dive in with my chopsticks. I meat is thinly sliced to it cooks in a matter of seconds, items like shrimp clams and scallops need a bit more time to cook. I usually added the veggies that needed a longer cooking time first like the corn and cabbage. Spinach cooked fairly quickly and I always had an egg boiling in the broth. Yum. It was super cheap and so yummy. Then at the end when every things been cooked the broth is like a yummy soup mixed with the flavors of everything you’ve already eaten. I’d ladle the broth in a little bowl and drink it. Sadly, it’s permanently closed down now. After it stopped offer hot pot is most likely lost a majority of their customer base, including me. It sucks but at last I got to experience it. Really sad to see it go.



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