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Poetic Justice

Glitz Lipz April 3, 2013 Hair 1 Comment on Poetic Justice
Poetic Justice

What to do with your hair? That question never gets old. Do you color it? Should you do semi permanent, permanent or a glaze. Should you relax, perm, or brazilian straighten your hair? It’s just a never ending battle to tame our locks or find a new look. Maybe you’re considering going short for the summer or maybe you’re going on vacation and prefer a weave.

Fashion trends are recurring. I remember when I was rocking bright blue pleather bell bottom pants from old navy. Say that 5 times fast and tell me you aren’t tongue twisted. Well those awkward days are long gone but way back when my parents use to wear bell bottoms. They probably thought they’d never see the day when they came back. Then again it was more of a revival for women than men but you get my drift.


So hair! In the black and urban community braids played a huge roll. Celebrities were rocking it, you saw the box braids in movies on actors like Jada Pinkett and Janet Jackson. I call it the infamous Poetic Justice braids. LOL Even Kendrick Lamars new video honed in and remixed the Janet Jackson track paying homage to the popular movie featuring actor Tupac. By the way I really like that song. You should watch the movie and listen to the track. Love you Kenny boo! 🙂  LOL

Even I decided to give the braids a try. I’ll let you know, during my whole elementary school and Junior high school years I was rocking braids, with a bang and all. But I didn’t opt for the box braids this time around. I decided to do the Senegalese twists which have been super popular and looks more like a twist instead of a braid.

I went to ‘the Africans’ to do my braids. A shop on Nostrand Ave in Brooklyn. Depending on the length I could have been charged anywhere from $130 and higher. The longer the braids, the more time consuming the process, the higher the cost. I wanted my braids long so I paid a whopping $180 which included the hair. I thought it was well worth it. It probably cost way more in other states honestly. It took about 3.5 hours to do. Two women braided my hair at the same time. But my hair was super tender after. It hurt like a motha to sleep the first few days but that’s the price of beauty!

Au Natural!! Dont be scared. LOL Next is the finished product. It looks awesome and so far has lasted about 2 months and still looks good.


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