Sunday 23rd April 2017,

Orly Nailed it!!

Orly Nailed it!!

Hiya guys,

I thought I had seen everything but Orly just shocked the sh*t outta me. I’ve seen the caviar nails, the velour/flocking powder effect as well as the occasional ‘vamp’ nail but ‘mood changing’ nail polish!! I am super excited to try this top coat. So you basically use a regular nail polish, not sure if it needs to be Orly or if it’ll work with any of your favorite brands, then you apply the Shade Shifter. I feel like Im doing a frikkin recap of Roswell. By the way loved that SciFi show. Some of you youngin’s probably don’t know what the heck I’m talking about.



Anyway, sorry about the tangent, this is really cool. So, the way it works. Clear if you’re HOT and Dark if you’re NOT.

Cold water will give your nails the appearance of a dark, possibly black coat . You place your hand in warm/hot water and the dark top coat fades to reveal Ta-Da! You’re original nail color. I think this is genius! When I get a hold of this bad boy I’ll post some pics!!

Click the link below to purchase your own ‘mood’ changing gel top coat. Happy Shopping!!!

Orly Gel Fx- Shade Shifter

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