Sunday 23rd April 2017,

Opening a Bottle of Wine is as easy as Owning a Shoe!

Opening a Bottle of Wine is as easy as Owning a Shoe!

So we’ve all had those moments. Shitty day or maybe a celebratory one. You buy a nice bottle of wine for dinner or you bring one to a friends house for a party and no one has a damn cork screw. Someone tries to use a rusty nail. Fail. Another person wants to use their keys. Fail. All you’re left with is cork remains and a dissatisfying taste of saliva in your mouth. Its possible you may not even be able to salvage the wine.

But there’s hope. And all you need is a shoe. Now ladies, heels won’t work for this and it’s probably best if you use a sneaker and have a sturdy wall to apply pressure. Try not to do this at midnight when your neighbors are asleep. The video below demonstrates the proper way to open wine without a corkscrew and he has a really nice Bri-ish accent. Cheers..bottoms up!


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