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Kissing Chronicles Part 2

Kissing Chronicles Part 2

Pucker Up!

Kissing is very meaningful to me. You exchange bodily fluids and it’s super personal. You’re letting someone into your mouth for God sakes. Now we all know someone or have heard of a little thing called Mono, the kissing disease. Supposedly, you’re sick as a dog for a week with flu like symptoms. There are also cold sores and a bunch of other nasty things you can get from kissing another person. You know how people say when you kiss or have sex with one person, you’re basically having sex or kissing all of their previous partners. Don’t fear for your health every time you pucker up but lets all try to choose our kissing buddies wisely.

  •  I remember one day my coworker took me to the Bronx. Her cousin picked us up in a delivery truck. He was either Puerto Rican or Dominican. I can’t remember. Maybe Dominican because I remember I said that Dominican men were trouble, jokingly of course. Anyway we were rocking out to music in his room. I remember them being really close for cousins. Almost so close that it made me feel uncomfortable but it was cute. I was around 18 or 19. I honestly don’t remember.  He was like 30 years old. He was one of those guys that looks better with his hat on then with it off. Sort of like those guys that look really attractive with sunglasses on then take it off. Yeah, like that!  When I met him he had on a baseball cap and seemed like a 7 out of 10 in attractiveness. He took offer the hat and was balding. He instantly became 5 out of 10. He pulled me into the hallway of the apartment. It’s possible that we were drinking, maybe him not me. It’s all a blur and he kissed me. I didn’t feel anything special, there were no fireworks. He was just another man passing through. I think this was my first official kiss. It was fun but awkward. My heart was probably beating a mile a minute and I was nervous and sort of embarrassed that at 19 I had no real kissing experience whatsoever. I never saw him again. I didn’t want to without his hat.


To kiss with your eyes open or closed? That is the question.

Most people close their eyes but sometimes I like to take a peek at the persons face. Who made up all these rules about kissing anyway? When I do a mental rundown of the men I’ve kissed I can’t honestly say who my first one was. I can remember my first few kisses. I feel like I may have kissed someone innocently in elementary school but I was shy. Then again who said it had to be a man. Maybe it was a girl. For those out there who do remember, close your eyes and relive that moment.

If you could, would you go back and change it or leave it as is? What was the weather like that day? Do you remember what you were wearing when it happened? Was it awkward or pleasant and unexpected? I want you to remember a simpler time, when the biggest thing to do was kiss someone. Forget about sex and everything else. Just think of the simplicity of a first kiss. Did it taste like cherry chapstick? Were his hands cupping your chin? No matter how distant that person has become to you, remember, even if they were someone you eventually had grown to hate or once loved, that first kiss will always be with you. It’s the doorway to sex, a simple kiss. Maybe that’s why I avoid it altogether sometimes. Now I’m older a kiss is never just a kiss. It somehow leads to something much more complex and complicated.

C’est la vie!

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