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It’s all about the Signs

It’s all about the Signs

Photo Credit: Sebastiaan ter Burg


Most of us know seeing is believing right? Pretty cliche. But this newly opened restaurant in Canada is just that. It’s a sensory and savory experience that requires you to get a little or a lot handsy with your waiters. It probably depends on what you order. Signs requires diners to use sign language for selecting their meals. This restaurant is staffed by deaf waiters. But if you’re not fluent in sign language there’s a cheat sheet and visual aids on the menu. Owner, Anjan Manikumar, is the man behind the unique restaurant. The first of it’s kind.

My thoughts? I think this is fantastic and kudos to him for doing something out of the box and allowing people an interactive dining experience. Too often we treat dining staff as less than in my opinion. Sometimes it seems like just another face. Have you ever gotten your waiter mixed up with someone else? I have. This requires an open mind, an empty stomach, and a hands on approach but it seems worth it.



I have yet to go to Canada but it’s on my list of places to visit. If I’m in the area I’d definitely give this a try. Way back when in my high school days I went to a college preparatory program and actually took a sign language course/workshop. I had a great time. I had my friends around so we helped each other but then I never pursued it or continued learning how to sign. I regret that. I think this restaurant should be an inspiration to other businesses. They are giving deaf people an opportunity to shine and honestly I’ve never really thought about how hard it would be to find work or fit in, in settings that I take for granted quite often.

What do you all think? Would you try it if you were in Canada? Not just for the food but for the experience.

Let me know by commenting below. Bon Apetite.



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