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Hand Made Noodles > Ramen Packs

Hand Made Noodles > Ramen Packs

Photo Credit : Sploid

Tatsuru Rai made an appearance at the MAD Symposium, in Copenhagen, where he demonstrated his noodle making skills in complete silence. No drawn out speeches or slide show power points. He created a magical dance with his hands. Kneeding, rolling, dusting then sprinkling fresh noodle strands in a hypnotic dance of doughy delight. Food confetti! That’s what I’d call it.

After watching this video I’ve concluded that hand made noodles may turn you on your over-the-counter dried noodle-block ramen. Maybe even hate. As usual, I spend part of my day trolling Facebook. Scrolling through an endless cascade of memes and random status updates but ever so often a gem, a video that ‘changes’ my life. Noodles may never be the same again. So what is this infamous life-altering video? It’s a Japanese master chef hand-crafting soba noodles in front of an audience. Sans the fact that they passed around a total of 4 trays, which I assume were shared among a multitude of hungry observers. Those noodles look so good I might risk catching an STD with one of the four communal chopsticks passed around at the event. After seeing the fresh noodles and all the care and preparation he put into it…I bet that’s what unicorns tastes like. Hand made noodles. Love. *chews on carrot*

Okay, I’m back from my tangent. As a native New Yorker I’m used to noodles in the form of pasta; drenched in tomato sauce, garlic, basil and a bit of cheese. Sometimes the noodles are floating in a rich and flavorful broth like a savory pho beef from my favorite Vietnamese sandwich shop. And the occasional, less impressive, ramen pack from Chinatown for whenever I have a hang-over or refuse to cook anything from scratch. Who can say no to a 5 minute meal?

The videos a bit long and normally my attention span doesn’t go far past those 15 second clips or the occasion 2 minute blooper reels but I watched the whole thing. My foodies out there will understand after watching this. Bon Appétit!



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