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Fall Fashion Forward

Fall Fashion Forward

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The temperature’s are changing. The air is a little brisk. You’re pulling out your blazer when all you needed before was sun glasses and a camisole to complete your look. The Fall is officially here but I’m not too happy. Why? I absolutely adore Summer. She’s hot. When she’s around I get to go to the beach and I look forward to her visit every year. Somehow, Summer always seems like the shortest season of the year. It’s here today. Gone in September. And as soon as Labor Day hits the weather completely shifts. It’s a little more breezy, the temperature is cool in the morning and also at night and you find yourself donning a scarf with a cardigan and oxfords over a skater dress, wide brimmed sun hat and sandals. But some people can’t wait for Fall. They love to layer up.

Fall equals boots, booties, and cardigan clad cuties. But you can transition some of your summer looks into the fall. Not ready to put your cami away? Well pair it with a cute blazer. Not ready to put your floppy hat away? Pair it with a oversized knit sweater and boyfriend jeans. Not ready to let go of those cute shorts? Pair it with opaque tights or funky leggings with an off-shoulder top and accessorize. Crop tops are a bit tricky. No one wants a frozen mid-drift so pair it with a fitted tank top or cami.

I recently made a purchase at This is the haul from my purchase. Retail therapy always feels good plus I had a lingering credit that I needed to use so I decided to update my closet.

Tie-Dye Draped Skirt – IVORYBLACK






The asymmetric style became popular this year and is still a hot look. The tie-dye style keeps it funky and fresh. This is great for a night out. It’s sexy and you can show a lot of leg. It will hug your curves in all the right places, and for under $20 bucks,  it was a steal. Plus it was on sale. Another tip, it’s great to look for steals at the end of a season. Retailers are getting rid of clothes to transition into the next so be a smart shopper and it’ll save you some cash.


Double Slit Maxi Skirt – BLACK


79422-e-black-0 79422-e-black-1


Temperatures are dropping which means you may not want to wear something too short. This is another transitional piece. It’s a maxi skirt but the double slit style makes it perfect for showing off your gorgeous legs. And we all love black. Pair this with killer heels and turn heads all night. I got this item on sale for under $15 bucks!

Clear The Way Ankle Strap Heels – Mint

94842-e-mint-1 94842-e-mint-2

I know what you’re thinking. Pastel strappy heels? Okay…okay. These shoes will make your ankles and cankles look sexy. This isn’t a piece I would necessarily wear in the Fall or even Winter. It’s something I would wear during Spring and Summer because of the bright color. But since I’ll be in Miami in October I figured I’d I get a pass. Vacations are an exemption. It’ll be summer like weather which means that I can wear summer-like pieces. Or at leasts that’s my excuse. Plus these shoes were only $12.95! And even though they’re 4 inches both reviewers gave it 5 stars and mentioned how comfortable they were to walk in. Score! Sexy shoes that won’t hurt my feet or leave me limping home at the end of the night.


Take A Hike Asymmetrical Draped Dress RED


A staple in your closet is the little black dress. But lets turn up the heat. Black is appropriate for any season. This is my first red dress! But just like finding the perfect red lipstick takes trial and error, you have to find your perfect shade. For years I was afraid to wear red but decided to suck it up. I’m can’t wait for this to arrive so I can try this on and for under $25.00 you can’t go wrong.

All these looks can be found on Go Jane

Get 20% off by Midnight 9/29 on regular priced items

Code – GJDEAL20R

Happy Shopping. And don’t forget to share you Fall Finds below in the comment section.

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