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Dine and Date – Peaches Shrimp & Crab Review

Dine and Date – Peaches Shrimp & Crab Review

Many of us have positive and negative experiences when it comes to dating. Being single can take its toll on us but there are some pros to finding your better half, a compatible partner or making new friends. It allows us to break away from our comfort zones, our monotonous routine and allows us to experience the best and the worst of New York’s bar and restaurant scene.

I was taken to Peaches Shrimp & Crab on a first date. I’m a seafood lover. If I had the means to own and maintain a lobster tank I would. Kind of like Homer Simpson. Including that scene where he sobs over his beloved lobster that he accidentally cooks in a small swimming pool on a hot summer day. Ha! Besides my obsession with wine, I have an obsession with all things food. But unlike most reviews, I’d like to start in the middle.

We shared the Jim Cade Boil. An impressive tower of claws and limbs, spuds and sweet cobs, shellfish and mollusks that lay on display in the center of the table. Even the dim lighting and candlelight couldn’t save this mountain of food from what was about to happen. I immediately salivate. I think the hardest part was deciding what to choose first. So naturally, I reach for a crab claw.  Second, the mussels and clams. Part of the next few moments were a blur of food, satisfaction and silence. In reality, slurping, stray shards of sweet meat, and a graveyard of shells were tells of the night.

But the dinner didn’t start with the claw massacre. We started where most folks do. Bread. We shared the brioche toast with parmesan, truffle oil and garlic. It was warm, crunchy, buttery and satisfying. Decorated with a mound of fresh parmesan cheese and mixed greens.  Secondary uses were dipping it into soup and the buttery drippings of the Jim Cade Boil. I also tried the New England Clam Chowder but wasn’t a fan. It didn’t have the simple delicate elegance of a traditional New England chowder that I’m used to. Instead it reminded me of a Manhattan clam chowder. Very rustic, very heavy, without the rich creamy texture but instead was more like a hearty soup. So, if you’re looking for a very rich, ‘soupy’, type of broth with finely diced potatoes and clams, give it another thought before ordering. It was still tasty and a very generous portion so it could be filling as a stand alone option but wasn’t what I had expected.

I’d definitely give this place another go. The prices were pretty affordable. The portions were generous. The staff was attentive and the drinks fairly potent. Definitely a great place for a date or impromptu seafood cravings with friends. And it’s an excuse to wear a bib without getting strange looks or stares because you prefer not to get crab shells in your cleavage line or butter stains on your favorite shirt.

3 out of 4 claws


Photo Credit: B+C Restaurants group

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