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The best thing about the weekends…

When we step outside to commute to work, besides  fantasizing about that first sip of coffee, the afterthought is counting down til the weekend. The sad reality is the work week literally is a New Years Like countdown to 48 hours of rest. And what’s our favorite pastime? Boozy Brunch with unlimited mimosas, screw drivers, bloody mary’s and whatever else we can think of! If only it really were for an unlimited amount of time. LOL But then we’d probably be sick with alcohol poisoning and all the other lucky bastards with just a headache and a 6 hour stomach ache.

Anywho, brunch is the best thing since sliced bread and I recently went to brunch at Stecchiono’s. This was my second time eating here and the first was pretty forgettable. I remember using a Groupon or Living Social deal with my friend Jen. I had the Lobster Eggs Benedict that was blah and Jen had the short rib hash, which she loved. This time around Jen had another deal, that was approaching expiration, so I decided to give this place another chance.


First off, the place was pretty crowded. But that’s nothing new. It’s New York, it’s Sunday, and it’s unlimited boozy brunch. Honestly, whose staying home? So the deal originally promised a pitcher of mimosa for each person. Supposedly that had changed and instead we had  90 minutes of unlimited drinks which is still effin great. I can drink way more than a pitcher in over an hour. Ha!

Okay, so my real gripe is that the food took Over an hour to come. Looking around at everyone else, as far as the eye could see, there were barren tables but at least everyone had a drink. That was a plus. Our glasses were refilled consistently and our waiter was attentive. The downfall…our waiter had a huge cold sore. It always makes me cringe when I’m in a restaurant and the person serving me has something contagious or when the chef cooking in the back has a cast. But the cast story is another tale for another time.

So anyway the drinks are setting in, I’m animated and Jen and I are exchanging funny stories. Way more funnier now alcohol is involved and the food finally arrives. I had the Stecchino Omelette consisting of 3 eggs with American cheese, prosciutto di Parma, asparagus and home made rosemary sun dried tomatoes with home fries. The food was tasty and the portion was small. If I paid full price I probably would’ve been slightly upset but it was a discounted deal. I just wish I had a little foliage on my plate. Jen had the Benedicto Siciliano,2 poached eggs on top of English muffins with pancetta and a smoked sun dried hollandaise.


I barely remember the rest of the day which probably means it was mission accomplished. I was completely wasted after brunch. Would I choose to come here again? Probably not when there are so many other great brunch places. This place was passable but what saved it was the unlimited drinks and tasty food. My dislikes were the lengthy time it took to be served, the meager portions and the huge cold sore that accompanied my dining experience. LOL

I’m going to stick to my all time fave brunch spot Tre! RIP Don Pedro…you were my first brunch love.


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