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The New Face of Urban Wine in Brooklyn

The New Face of Urban Wine in Brooklyn



When most people think of wine they think of a region. The rolling hills of Italy. The sun kissed land of France. The vast grape vines in Argentina. But wine has a new face and it’s closer than you think. Right here, in the heart of New York, more so in the heart of Brooklyn. I’ve been coming to this wine bar for some time now, sporadically. It all started with a trip to Brooklyn Baked and ended with grape stained lips. I wanted a place to have a drink and there it was. A nearby haven for great wine and even better company.

I normally go after work and take 3 trains to get there. The trek is long but well worth bumping elbows on a crowded train during rush hour.  The place has a relaxed ambiance but is far from pretentious. They have knowledgable staff and a great selection of rotating wines as well as some hard to find items. Even though Willyburg is yuppie and hipster town this is a breath of fresh air. It’s never crowded and sometimes I just go in for a few great glasses of wine and some quiet time. The patrons are friendly. I met the owner Allie Shaper as well as her husband and they were really cool and down to earth.

I’ve been meaning to catch their $1 blue point oysters but I either always forget or I’m too hung over to go. Plus ,it’s only once a month on a Saturday but for Spring they’re moving it to Fridays. Boo-ya! I’m so psyched. Now I can indulge in oyster goodness this month.

I’ve gotten some really memorable wines here. Tried my first Pickle back with my Cali friend, it was pretty tasty. The charcuterie is always on point and the option of cheese and meat selections constantly change. A few days ago I had the Camembert which is a soft brie like cheese along with Rosette de lyon salami. So good! It comes with crispy crackers and a slightly sweet and savory tomato jam. This is not your Heinz ketchup. And it is so good. The past 2 times I’ve been here I’ve literally stayed there drinking and making conversation with staff until closing time. I love this little gem. Also, if you’re a wine lover check out their wine club. It just might be the extra curricular activity you need. Discounts on wine and you get to try new wines first. They can be shipped right to your door, Red, White, or Mixed. Or you can pick them up in person.

Baked in Brooklyn has BYOB some nights with their workshops.  I usually pick up a bottle at BOE. There’s no need to dress up. No need to brush up on your wine skills or panic text your sommelier friends. Stop in as you are and pull up a chair. If you aren’t a wine drinker check out their craft beers, ciders, whiskeys, and flavored Gin. Did I mention they feature Kings Country Moonshine? Get your hooch fix here and pretend your Daryl in The Walking Dead for a few hours. Just like Brooklyn, it’ll have you coming back.

Brooklyn Oenology featured on NBC. Check out the link below.

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