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I feel like I should be dictating my memoir for this part. Ha!

My passion is and has always been writing. I’ve been working on this site for over 2 years now. First, I blamed by web developer Marvin but then we finally stuck it out, meeting occasionally at this little Vietnamese sandwich shop in Brooklyn to work. Laptops and bubble tea and bits and pieces of condiments all over as we nit picked and fondled the keys of our keyboard. Maybe , that’s why its taken so long and its been so long to launch. This site is me. It’s apart of me and at first I was afraid to share that part of me with the public. It’s like my poetry booked tucked away. Unspoken spoken words that show pieces of me people haven’t seen. Anyway…I’m going off track and getting kind of poetic. But that’s who I am. I’ve always been someone who could express myself way better on pen and paper than speaking face to face. I’m a socialite and love talking but I express my thoughts better in print.

I’ve been interested in Fashion and Beauty for years. I started working in retail years ago and was promoted to Visual Merchandiser at Forever21. I loved the freedom I had to put pieces together, to recreate an entire section, based off of a theme or a season. Growing up I was also obsessed with magazines. I remember buying 17 magazine and YM before I could even relate to half the articles. Talking about kissing boys, heart break and relationships. But sometimes reading an article and knowing that you experienced the same heart ache or struggle somehow makes things not seem so bad. I guess it’s kind of sick huh. You’re a bit more relieved when you know someone is as fucked up as you. I mean everything doesn’t have to be so dark. I love reading the horoscopes, celebrity interviews, and comedic encounters.

I want to create something people can relate to. Share stories that women can learn from. I’ve made some major mistakes but I’ve also learned from them. And though I’m a serial repeater at times there comes a time when it just clicks. You may be asking yourself where you can find a girl like me. Easy…well not Easy! lol I am a Brooklynite through and through. Afro Caribbean background but born and raised in Brooklyn which means I can live anywhere, be anything, and impress people with just a whisper of the borough.

I received my Liberal Arts degree at good ole Brooklyn College a few years back. I’ve actually been considering going back to school but possible at the French Culinary Institute for a Food Writing course. I am an absolute foodies. From alligator fritters to bbq’d eel to Malpeque oysters, I’ve probably tried it. I also love to cook. I can whip up a mean lobster bake at home.

I’m also the NY Events Editor at I post awesome events that happen throughout New York City. I also have the honor of attending event as Press which is awesome. I’ve met some amazing people, drank some of the best booze, and have had some tasty morsels because of my position and I am blessed.

I am fun loving and I love to travel. I go overseas every year. I want to experience life, visit new places, make life long connection and dance my way to happiness.

I hope you enjoy reading my content as much as I enjoy writing it.



Anya Trent

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“Following my dreams with each sip…each swallow”

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March 17th 2014